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Prior to building construction, excavation professionals like us utilize a technique called site grading. This adjusts the surface of the area we are working with into what is needed for the project, for example, a level ground or a sloped base. Making sure that the surface is evened out properly also provides for a stronger and more stable foundation for your building. Grading is not limited to buildings. Even other construction projects such as railways, roads, landscaping, or garden improvements may need some form of grading.
Our team of professional engineers are experts in grading for both residential and commercial developments. At the start of the project, they may need to study and assess your site as well as your construction plan to determine whether grading is necessary to create a level surface. Mostly, the site topography as well as soil characteristics will be considered. We may need to evaluate even the type, composition, and moisture of the soil. We commit to this thorough and careful planning in consideration of environmental impact, such as loss of topsoil and land erosion.
When our engineers deem that grading will be needed, our grading services team will come on site with heavy equipment to perform the work. Bulldozers, tractors, backhoes, and excavators may be needed prior to grading. Then, a grader will do the surface leveling.
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Apart from just leveling the ground and providing for a sturdier foundation, grading is also important for drainage issues. This process is important in properly directing flow of runoff water. Lack of correct grading for any structure can be damaging to residential homes, commercial, buildings, and even the surrounding environment and properties. Various health, environmental, and structural problems may arise if no grading and drainage considerations are done. Heavy rains, which can cause accumulation and pooling of water on various components of your property is not only unsightly, but also dangerous. These pools of stagnant water can potentially cause environmental contamination, and serve as breeding grounds for bacteria, bugs, and mosquitoes. As far as structural problems are concerned, no grading and poor engineering techniques can lead to soil erosion, flooding of basements, and foundation damage.
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These problems are detrimental, and not to mention, costly to repair. With proper grading, all of these can be prevented. On the average, the city of Columbus receives forty inches or more of rain annually. This makes drainage engineering and grading services even more crucial for any construction project in the city.
Techniques that make grading very effective include the construction of precise slopes, which serve as drainage and waterway system, guiding excess water away from your property. For your residential properties, subtle sloping of patios and walkways, or adding swales to your backyard can do the job.
If you are looking for expert grading companies around Columbus, We can deliver these services to you at competitive rates without compromise of quality. We are adept in leveling the bases for your site and in constructing appropriate water runoff slopes. Our team has more than fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. We also offer residential and commercial excavation and demolition. Contact us for more details.
grading contractor columbus

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